Built by Royal Architects

Renovated by Royal Inspectors

Building upon the legacy of the greatest architects in Danish history is no easy task. That is why it is none other than the Royal Inspector of Listed State Buildings and partner at Arkitema Architects, Poul Schülein, is

responsible for the difficult task of transforming these historic buildings into private residences.

Poul Schülein is a true master in reconciling the spirit of the past with the modern person’s demands for beautiful, comfortable homes. He is reputed for his knowledge about historical buildings, his elegant sense of form and not least his uncompromising demands for quality. Among others achievements, Poul Schülein was in charge of the recently completed renovation of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s palace at Amalienborg.

High-level renovation

As Amaliegaarden is listed, the condominiums will be renovated at the highest possible level. Only original materials such as lime mortar, plaster on reeds, linseed oil paint and sawn pinewood will be used. Construction

elements such as doors and frames dismantled as a result of the new partitioning will be reused and put up elsewhere. If the original floors cannot be preserved, wide planks from Dinesen will be used instead. The

work will be carried out by experts in traditional crafts in accordance with the conservation authorities’ instructions.

Example of wooden floor before renovation

Example of sanded floor with a soap treatment .

Walls after polishing and paint treatment.

Stucco ceilings and cornices will be preserved and painted with distemper.