Modern comfort in an

18th century setting

The future owners of Amaliegaarden can settle into a residence that stands out by striking a unique balance between a long and proud history and trend-setting modern design. The architect Poul Schülein has created a truly special residential experience with his bold juxtaposition of classic Danish building techniques and the minimalist aesthetics of the Italian company Boffi.


Each flat will be beautifully restored from top to bottom, appearing in perfect balance between historic charm and polished finish. Bathrooms will be carefully integrated in harmony with the original structural plans, and kitchens will be installed as free-standing furniture. Countertops will be kept in a tempered palette of materials that complement the classic floors, walls and ceilings.See the materials catalogue for a detailed description of the residential interiors.

kitchen and bathroom


by italian


Bathroom furnishing and fixtures provided by Boffi. Travertine natural stone floors and shower cabinets. 3D model photo.

An elevator will be installed in the spacious, impressive hall of the Baroque Mansion. 3D model photo.

A Boffi kitchen will be placed as free-standing furniture in the middle of the room. The hood is built into the stove. 3D model photo.